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Name:Stealth Noodle
Location:United States of America
All the completed fic posts here are public; everything else is locked, because I like to post about RL matters while maintaining a little bit of a division between my fannish and RL identities. Mostly I babble about whatever video games I'm currently playing, rec neat things I come across, or post updates about what's going on in my life. If any of that interests you, feel free to add me to your circle (I'm a little shy online, but I do like friends!), or drop a comment here to be added to my access list.

If you like any of my icons, they are yours to snag! I do ask that you keep any credits to artists or other icon-makers, but I'm not fussed about credit to me.

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accounts everywhere, ace attorney, ass/sofa otp, atheism, avatar: the last airbender, awesome typos, bad ideas, bad movies, being in your base, bildungsroman, bioshock, black coffee, board games, books, chrono trigger, claudia kishi's fashion sense, coffee, computers, conlangs, cookies, crack, creepy subtext, digital art, dragon quest, dragon warrior, dub!kaiba, eyes on stalks, failures of spellcheck, fanfiction, femslash, final fantasy, finishing what i start, flavor pails, folklore, fun with game mechanics, geekdom, genfic, gratuitous use of "fuck", gratuitous violence, halo thar crack pairing, headaches with pictures, help i fell into p3p and may never emerge, hikaru no go, hitting things with hammers, ico, infrequent updates, interactive fiction, last-minute panic, legend of zelda, linux, lurking, making shit up, mass effect, math, meta, minigames, misadventures, monster party, mythology, nanowrimo, naptime, not pants, old-school console action, one-hit wonders, online disappearing acts, open source, opposable thumbs, over-plotting, persona, pirates, pointless filler, poor time management skills, portal, procrastination, psychonauts, reading, rediscovering upper body strength, revolutionary girl utena, rinoa as ultimecia, rocks fall everybody dies, rpgs, running, sam & max, science!, shadow of the colossus, shadowgate, shiny things, sidequests, slash, spellcheck, startropics, steampunk, suikoden, swords that overcompensate, talking to myself, terrible puns, terry pratchett, tetris, text games, the last unicorn, the neverending story, thief, things that light up, time travel, tinkering, ubuntu, video games, whee silly, word games, world-building, writing, writing bad code, writing myself into corners, ygo abridged, yu-gi-oh, zelda's identity issues, zelda/ruto
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